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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Zend Framework Now Supports Windows Azure's

Retain the name for Microsoft is not easy. There is a time where the company should be able to embrace the other side to cooperate. Microsoft is now trying to embrace the PHP developers and invite them to develop applications with the platform Cloud. Giant company is now working with Zend Technologies to launch a 1:10 version of Zend Framework is integrated with Windows Azure. Vijay Rajagopalan, Microsoft's principal architect, said the support of Zend Framework for Windows Azure Cloud, is a successful collaboration of both companies.

2009 mid year ago, Microsoft has released a Community Technology Preview of Windows Azure SDK to develop for PHP CTP, which Rajagopalan promising that Windows Azure will eventually integrate with Zend Technologies. "PHP developers found that the Windows Azure platform attractive," said Jean Paoli, general manager at Microsoft. "Microsoft's decision to contribute to the component-based Windows Azure PHP Zend Framework to help demonstrate Microsoft's commitment to openness and interoperability by providing choices and greater opportunities for Microsoft customers and partners."

Zend Framework support the importance of support in Windows Azure is a new Zend_Service_WindowsAzure component in version 1.10 which is the contribution from the Redmond company's open source PHP projects. Rajagopalan explained that developers will now be able to use the API of Windows Azure of their PHP applications while they can take advantage of the Cloud platform services, such as the Blob Storage, Storage Table and Queue Service.

"The simplicity and flexibility that has PHP makes it very ideal for developing cloud applications to use. Native support for Windows Azure at 1:10 Zend Framework deliver toughness Windows Azure at the Zend Framework user community, "said Zeev Suraski, co-founder of Zend. "Together with this new feature, we shorten the learning curve for beginners, with improved documentation, new tutorials and improved documentation structure."

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Silverlight Beta 4 Client for Facebook

Silverlight Beta 4 Client for Facebook, Alternative Solutions Adobe Flash Substitute

Microsoft apparently did not want to be retarded in the field of web technology, so no need to linger longer, Microsoft bring Silverlight Beta 4, which wants to make it as an alternative solution to Adobe Flash that can be used by developers in the future.

More precisely now been launched Microsoft Silverlight Beta 4 Client for Facebook. The application itself is reportedly a lot of use capabilities introduced by Microsoft with the evolution of Silverlight. Of course, users will need Silverlight to 4 could try this Facebook application.

"These applications integrate Silverlight platform capabilities into the application 4 of the browser is familiar in the context of Facebook. You can enjoy photos, feeds, event, friend wall and inbox mail from Facebook account using the platform that is very easy to use by the user, "explained the Microsoft.

According to information accompanying the presence of Silverlight Beta 4 Client for Facebook, this project provides several new features in Silverlight are: support for out-of-browser, hosting an interactive HTML content, local access device (webcam), rich-text controls, embedding media ( such as Youtube), desktop notification, COM integration (with Outlook) on Windows, right-click, drag-n-drop, the window controls and animations.

Microsoft's own party reportedly has released the first Beta version of Silverlight in the mid-4th November 2009 last year at the 2009 Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles. However, now Silverlight Beta 4 is intended for developers already provided and is not accompanied by special license, which means that all content is made must be addressed as a testing course.

"Silverlight client application for Facebook is a preview of the Silverlight developer 4. Where later when the final version of Silverlight is really 4 has been completed then you may be prompted to uninstall and re-install the plugin. "Added the Microsoft again.

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New Asus Notebook N61JV-X2 & N71JV-X1

New Asus Notebook N61JV-X2 & N71JV-X1

Asus has released a new notebook N61JV-X2-X1 & N71JV equipped with the NVIDIA Optimus is where we can switch from the GeForce GPI and Intel graphics card is integrated, so the no 1 computer 2 graphics card which can be selected and easily changed as needed our graphic)

Two of these sophisticated Notebook N61JV-X2 and N71JV-X1 is equipped with NVIDIA GeForce GT325M with 1GB RAM and Intel graphics card HD. N61JV-X2 Notebook with 16-inch monitors equipped with Intel Core I5-430M 2.26GHz, while for 17-inch version that is equipped N71JV-X1 Core processor I3-350M. Both the notebook is equipped with 4GB of RAM memory, 500 GB hard drive and DVD SuperMulti burner.

N61JV-X2 type capable of displaying 1366 × 768 resolution while N71JV-X1 version capable of displaying a resolution of 1600 × 90px. Another feature is the WiFi, 2MP webcam, Altec Lansing speakers with SRS, 8-in-1 card reader, HDMI, eSATA port & USB 3.0 port

Both types of notebook is already marketed in the United States, N61JV-X2 Asus sells for 899 UDD (8.5 million dollars) in the amazon and Asus N71JV-X1 at Newegg with roughly the same price.

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VGA Card NVIDIA GeForce GT340 latest

VGA Card NVIDIA GeForce GT340 latest
NVIDIA introduced its new product namely GeForce GT340. This new GPU has 96 CUDA graphics core and 550Mhz clock speed, 1340MHz processor clock speed and 1700MHz memory clock speed.

VGA Card GeForce GT340 is ready for 3D Vision and supports PhysX and PureVideo technology, CUDA technology, DirectX 10.1 and OpenGL 3.2. This graphics card has a VGA output, DVI and HDMI with a maximum resolution of 2560 × 1600. Besides these products also have an internal audio input for HDMI.

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Simplify Process Justin.TV Streams Only With Only 3 Step

Simplify Process Justin.TV Streams Only With Only 3 Step

You never streaming using Justin.TV? Streaming from the server it requires a large bandwidth, but it's not going to lose because there are many choices of TV channels broadcast different countries and can be accessed online for free. In fact, many films that appear in the new Indonesian movie, it has spread in Justin.TV.

Justin.TV now make changes to the broadcasting process becomes much simpler. The new method is easier for users to walk only with 3 steps, which when they register or log in Justin.TV, they can import friend (optional) and begin streaming live video.

Since last week, users and admin have been testing a new interface and it got rave reviews from the examiners.

Steps easier and it was a lot simpler to use AJAX technology in conducting real-time action like when you fill the form data. Now more Justin.TV web design trend to 2010 which displays the Web faster and more user-friendly.

Interface will automatically detect different types of video sources on the local computer, where users only need to click to start streaming video. Even GUI-sight more user-friendly for visitors who want to keep the video chat live with a partner using the web, this course will cause some problems for service providers because very little official information obtained from the user.

This is quite disturbing for Justin.TV that have been targeted by the MPAA and other copyright holders (particularly for channels broadcasting sports) associated with piracy and patents.

This fact is also experienced by Ustream and Veetle which became the center for broadcast pirated NFL, NBA or the UEFA Champions League. Even if representatives Justin.TV more cooperative with the stop sports broadcasts, the copyright holders will still not happy until the measures appear appropriate to prevent this illegal action can be taken.

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Accelerate Access Google Google Voice Voicemail On

Accelerate Access Google Google Voice Voicemail On

It's not Google her name if not diligent in the case presents something new for its users. When visiting the Google Voice voicemail, now you will feel faster access than the previous access. That way you do not have to wait a long time and this will certainly save you time.

Faster access this as a result of improvements that have been made against the application voicemailnya Google recently. And this of course will increase access your voicemail using the Google Voice over this.

What makes these applications much faster access than usual because of the time you want to listen and to open an existing voicemail, the system will copy the voicemail so you do not have to listen one by one from the existing voicemail. Then the system will immediately send a notification via email and SMS notification so you'll know when you get new messages. And the system even allows you to listen to voice messages that have to know how long the existing content of the message.

To create a voice message now becomes much easier, there are 2 changes in the way you listen to voice messages through your phone device. The first change is the user's Google Voice dialing his own, and users began to play back voice messages directly without the need to dial a 1 first. Google's second amendment is now going to play the voice message at the last (new) left a voice message in advance than the first voice message (old). Of course, with this increase, Google Voice will look more powerful and enjoyable than ever.

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New Sony VAIO Notebook W & Sony VAIO Y

New Sony VAIO Notebook W & Sony VAIO Y Save Energy & Affordable Price

Who does not feel proud if I could have an elegant design class laptops Sony VAIO. Indeed output VAIO laptop for those who want more glamorous style and daring to pay more for a value the beauty of a well-known products.

This time Sony wants to introduce the latest series of VAIO laptops that use the W Pine Trail Atom processor and also the use of Y VAIO CULV processor or that had been known as a
power-saving technology. Both are an environmentally friendly laptop for her own chasing manufactured from recycled plastic.

For laptops VAIO W series is bundled with an Intel Atom N450 Processor speed 1.66GHz, 1GB RAM and the GMA 3150 graphics. The laptop has a 250GB hard drive capacity and multi-in-1 card reader slot. Laptop-sized 10.1 inch screen has a resolution of 1366 × 768 LED-backlit.

As for VAIO laptop series Y CULV processor equipped with Intel Core 2 Duo SU7300-speed 1.3GHz, 4GB RAM and a GMA 4500MHD graphics with added HDMI output. Laptop-sized 13.3 inch screen and has a resolution of 1366 × 768 has a storage capacity up to 500GB.

Both VAIO VAIO W and Y are also equipped with MOTION EYE webcam, ExpressCard/34 slot, Electro-static touchpad and SD and Memory Stick slot. Both were able to connect directly to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. In addition, for the laptop model VAIO W series is supported by Verizon Mobile Broadband.

W VAIO laptop is available with a choice arna Berry Pink, Navy Blue and White Sugar, in which W VAIO laptop is marketed with price range around 449.99 USD, or approximately 4.5 million Rupiah. Whereas for Y VAIO laptop is available only in black color only with price range around 799.99 USD, or about 8 million dollars. Hmmm, not a price affordable laptops this beautiful?

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